Finished a couple of projects, happy to say that I'm able to make luminous tattoos mods ^^ One public mod, a port of katanas, available on XIV Archives, one Kofi mod with dragoon scars. About Kofi, I opened membership tiers if some people are interested in supporting my work! (https://ko-fi.com/ennrael/tiers) Also, I welcomed the talented Shinza on my Discord who will open commissions there soon :)

25 October 2021 news


New mod available on XIV Mod Archive "Law's Order Katana to Daggers (with options)". Update for the Revealing Collegiate Blazer, now only one file with an installation menu :)

26 August 2021 news


Shinzaburo's Portfolio is now finished and available! This is the portfolio of a friend who helped me get into 3D so I helped her back. I set up a website for her: Portfolio Link. I updated my Webdesign gallery and my Links section :)

28 March 2021 news


Nearly finished a complex tattoo commission for Sonya Sindel. I finished the hardest part, the arms tattoo. Currently working on the back wings one. I also had to work on fifteen images for a skill check, I won't be able to show them because it was for a brand but I will, at least, show the wine bottle I did on Blender :)

16 March 2021 news


Two commissions finished! One for Esprit Frappeur, the other for Shinzaburo. For the first one, a Kuchisake smile for a FF14 Facepaint, available on my Ko-Fi: Ko-Fi Page. The other, a functional portfolio with a mobile version, animated menu, logo and a language selector. More images on my portfolio soon. Link of the website when Shinzaburo finishes to put all her projects on it : )

06 February 2021 news


Update for my Revealing Blazer mod to make it compatible with Roegadyn and Hrothgar, from version 1.2 to 1.3 on XVI Mod Archive.

I took a Humble Bundle opportunity, many courses videos about Unity. Not sure if I'll like them but it's a good affordable alternative, and I do want to create my own video games \o/

03 February 2021 news