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Here you will find all articles and projects related to tabletop role play.

Title of the Pathfinder Section

What's Pathfinder?

Pathfinder, by Paizo Publishing, is a rule set for roleplaying games which is considered as a revision of the 3.5 edition of the famous Dungeons and Dragons rule set while remaining compatible with it.

  • Pathfinder Character Sheet v1.5 by Ennrael → I wanted to create a Pathfinder Character Sheet that is easily usable and easily editable by anybody without the need of scripts, while remaining concise when it's used during parties. After a few versions and a few tests, I decided to share this sheet with the hope that it will be also useful to other players. It requires programs like OpenOffice or LibreOffice to be used.
  • Character Sheet example of the 1.5 version → A Character Sheet example with a level 2 bard character. This example includes a slight change in the Equipment tab for the weight management of a Bag of Holding in order to demonstrate what can be done with this sheet :)

As part of a campaign that I wrote in the Faerun Universe, I had restored a map I was able to find in the rulebook of "Netheril, Empire of Magic". Here are the different versions of this map. If you ever post it somewhere, it would be nice to mention this website :)

Bouton - Aperçu des cartes

Miscellaneous maps

Here are the maps that I've made for my roleplaying games. They aren't very sophisticated because I didn't spend much time on it but maybe they can be useful in some way for your games.

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