The Veldaran Cycle
- The Exodus : Chapter 1 -

Extract of Daniel Melnos diary

I still remember, even to this day ... When, still young and just fifteen years old, I looked through the Chrysaor observation bay. I will always remember that unreal vision of the infinite space, of the interstellar void. It was the first time I saw such a thing.

In the distance, the silhouette of our planet vanished gradually as the ship progressed ... To our salvation, our ruin, I wasn't able to tell at the time.

My father had the privilege to be a mechanic on the largest ship of the Colonial Fleet , the Chrysaor. Three years ago since my mother disappeared, as captain, in space. And it was since five years that we expected this day.

When authorities announced the discovery of a new planet, my mother didn’t hesitate to register us in order to be part of the settlers when the opportunity presented itself. She would probably have liked to be there...

It's under the banner of Alkonost that thousands of people gathered . Alkonost, our future home. Its name was in every discussion, in every eyes, it was a symbol of hope. For me, for the kid I was, it was synonymous with paradise.

It's always amazing to imagine so many people from different backgrounds and planets together in one place, now united by a common identity, becoming a full-fledged people. Well, it was the atmosphere at that time.

The links wove themselves, the departure had caused great excitement. Nobody was afraid to meet his neighbor, the tongues were untied, everyone was a stranger for the other and there was still so much to discover until the arrival ... I still remember the man who was talking to my father, a farmer it seemed.

Five days, it's what it took. Until the first jump. An imperfect technology, poorly controlled . We were still in the days when the ships lost themselves at the slightest storm.

We were a wooden tub send in the mist.