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Here you will find all articles and projects related to tabletop role play.

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  • Definition of role-play and advices -> Coming Soon.

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What's Pathfinder?

Pathfinder, by Paizo Publishing, is a rules system for role-playing games which is considered as a revision of the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons while remaining compatible with it.

  • Pathfinder Character Sheet v1.5 by Ennrael → I wanted to create a Pathfinder Character Sheet that is easily usable and easily editable by anybody without the need of scripts, while remaining concise when it's used during parties. After a few versions and a few tests, I decided to share this sheet with the hope that it will be also useful to other players. It requires programs like OpenOffice or LibreOffice to be used.
  • Character Sheet example of the 1.5 version → A Character Sheet example with a level 2 bard character. This example includes a slight change in the Equipment tab for the weight management of a Bag of Holding in order to demonstrate what can be done with this sheet :)