Title of the section : Netheril - Resurrection

Project status : Hiatus, undetermined end date. Half of the project is finished like the storyline, the map or the French translation of Netheril different places but some things still need to be done like the bestiary or the translation read-through. The storyline also needs to be written properly.

Comment :
Name : Netheril – Resurrection
Type : Role Playing Campaign
Universe : Dungeons&Dragons, Faerun
Rules used : Pathfinder
Level at the beginning of the campaign : 20
Level at the end of the campaign : 30

As the game master of a group of players, I decided to create an epic and long-term campaign in order to help them finish their characters. Given the amount of work that I already did and that I still have to do, I thought it might be interesting to try to write a pdf. I intend to create an english and french version but the english version will be released much later than the French one.

This campaign aims to provide :

  • A vaste plan called "the New Netheril", created after the Fall of the Netheril Empire. A plan torn apart by a merciless war between two great alliances fighting for the domination and the future of it. As for the reasons behind its existence and its creation, it's up to your players to discover them.
  • A restored, modified and ameliorated version of the Netheril map, with hexagons for the exploration system from the Ultimate Campaign book.
  • A multitude of NPCs and a complex political context.
  • An epic bestiary.
  • Twists and revelations for your players.
  • Description summary of the different locations from the official book "Netheril - Empire of magic" with additional notes related to the campaign.

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Title of the Extra Section

As I have received many requests asking for the restored map, I decided to create an "extra" section. I hope it will be useful :)

The era of the map is situated between the Golden Age and the Fall of the Netheril Empire, when the nefarious influence of the phaerimms began to spread throughout the land.

Since the map was changed to fit the setting of a campaign, the different enclaves can be found in different locations than the “official” ones on the two original maps.

Regarding the names of the locations, I used the original ones with the exception of DZ. Valden which is Shade (Shadow's enclave). I chose to give the archimage a real name for obvious reasons. But don't worry, if you're the purist type, I added a blank version of the map.

For the letters behind the names (for example: EM. Tempera Channel), they are alphabetical references I created, which can be used to find quickly the description of a location in the official book “Netheril – Empire of Magic".

The classification list isn't available yet but if you have the book, you won't have any problem to find the "order".

You can share these maps on other websites if you want but it would be nice to give me credits for the restoration part and to put a link leading to my website ^^