Lately, I manage a RP community on Star Wars the Old Republic, the MMORPG. For this project, I created a website which link is available in the new Link section. The created elements and the design researches have been added in the Illustrations and Webdesign sections.

Meanwhile, I'm working on another project on Articy Draft. Its temporary name is : Project 0.


The Pathfinder Character Sheet has now a Character Sheet example which is based on a level 2 bard character in order to give an idea of what's possible with this sheet. On the other hand, the Character Sheet v1.5 had a small update to fix some omissions and errors.


I've been pretty busy these past few months but here I am again with new works and a new "Role Play" section in which articles and projects in relation to this hobby will be posted. A novelty comes with this section: An automated Pathfinder Character Sheet :) (Requires OpenOffice or LibreOffice to be used)

It has also its own English version as you can see. Translating texts isn't an easy task to do but it's still an instructive and enjoyable exercise. I hope I will continue to improve myself in this area ^^

Happy New Year 2014 to all!


Translation of the first two chapters of the Veldaran Cycle: the Exodus and release of the Veldaran Cycle Chapter 7 in French.


Opening of the website new version.