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A very nice blog about mixed people. In there, you will find many interviews, so many intersecting lives and cultures. If you didn't know the website before, I only have one thing to say: click on the link! ;)

The link is now available in the Link section of the website.


Opening of the new guild site, with a new design, new features. Therefore, the Dalnerims Guild is officially launched on Guild Wars 2 :)

I also opened a Facebook page, under my pen name: Ennrael. Exchanges, fun, tips and discussions are welcomed with open arms ^^


Happy New Year 2015 ! ^^ A new sketch have been added in the Gallery. It's a good time to speak about Project Zero, a small video game project.

It will be a multiple choices text-based game, having as context the Elode universe (late Srylan), a world of my design.

The goal is to finish a first project while trying not to be too ambitious. Perhaps, I will use the free Ren'Py engine, an engine that allow you to make visual novels. I will give more information as I make progress on the project :)


Extract of a Project Zero text. Since this is an extract from a work in progress, it's possible that some changes will occur in the meantime:

"The only personn sitting in front of you is a teenager wearing a red bob hat, a black sleeveless jacket and a wide black pants with pockets. Under the jacket, a white T-shirt sports the initials of the last trendy band : I.K.

He seems to watch a clip on a holographic screen projected by two metal bars. With one glance, you know that his device is one of the latest ones compatible with the Gen'Com, the futuristic-looking earbud in his left ear.

In fact, the teenager is holding it horizontally, almost on his lap, one hand holding only the left bar, letting the other one in the air thanks to the "current" between them. The secondary projectors have taken over and display now the 3D silhouette of an exotic woman dancer, which seems to dance on the "flat screen" created by the first projectors.

The quality of the hologram is far from perfect. Its color is dull while the contours flicker from time to time due to the imperfect technology. Still, the illusion is pretty convincing thanks to the volume effect.

Far from worrying about the other passagers, exhausted by a long day of work, the young man has put the sound of the "video" – the last I.K clip – loud enough to be heard across the whole wagon.

You decide to:

  • Enjoy the music. I also love this band!
  • Do nothing. It's late, there's only thirty minutes left before my arrival and I don't want to get in trouble. Hopefully, he will get out at the next station.
  • Why should I worry about a guy like that? Let him listen his bloody music.
  • Ask him to use his Gen'Com as a earbud, politely but firmly.
  • Ask him to use his Gen'Com as a earbud, shyly.
  • Find the best cutting remark to throw. Let's see who can get more on the other's nerves.
  • Diplomacy? Who cares about diplomacy with that kind of guy! I ask him bluntly to turn off his screen or to use his earbud.
  • Turn off mercilessly his screen. There are people trying to rest here!
  • Get up and punch him in the face."


Closure of the guild on Star Wars the Old Republic in order to move on Guild Wars 2. Beginning of the website reconstruction. Two new sketches have been added in the Gallery :)