21 May news

The Élode project is progressing well, slowly but surely. It's not an easy feat to sort the informations of a whole universe to draw out the essential ones. Moreover, I need to find a good way to present them to the players so that they won't be bored to death when they play the game. I still have a hard time with this part but I will overcome it :)

In the same time, I work on a portrait and a new Ennra'Diary sketch. I also want to celebrate the fact that I reached (again) the Unit 2 of Blender tuto'. After these revisions, I hope to reach quickly the advanced levels ^^


12 May new addition

New sketch of Ennra'Diary added to the Illustrations section ^^


4 May new addition

New avatar for the website added to the Illustrations and Author sections. I took the opportunity to correct some bugs and to add my Facebook page link in the appropriate section :)


Flipside and Unsounded banner

There are two new links in the appropriate section. They will take you to two webcomics, each one with a rich and elaborate storyline. Two different, heroic fantasy, settings to discover for fans of the genre :)


Closure of the guild. As I'm not a fan of Tavern/Gossip/Dating RP (choose your option), I prefer to devote myself to other projects. I added a visual of the website in the Webdesign Section. I will also let the website online as a demo.

I made some progress on Project Zero. I had to rewrite some parts of the beginning, like the character creation one, to make them more fitting in the storyline. I also gave the project a title, perhaps its final one : Élode – Aeterna.