5 November news

As I have received many requests asking for the restored map of Netheril, I decided to put several versions of it in the project section. I'm glad to learn that some people are interested in my work. I want to thank those who wrote to me and left me a message of encouragement ^^

I also want to reasure about the fact that I fully intend to continue the project, even if it's currently on hiatus. I'm actually working on the site's new homepage but I will see what I can do about my two projects.


15 September news

I hope that everyone had a nice summer break :)

As for me, during the month, I did some digital painting in order to improve myself as well as a series of concept arts for the game of a friend. For confidentiality reasons, I won't put them on the website but you can see a preview of some of them in the picture above.

Regarding Elode ~ Aeterna, there was some good progress on the character creation. There is now about fifty blocks in Articy for the storyline ^^

I continue to watch Blender tutorials but I took also the opportunity to install, in the meanwhile, the Unity Engine to see how it works.

Finally, I added two illustrations, one in the Illustrations section, the other in the Elode ~ Oblivion section.


6 June news

New sketch in the section of the same name and preview of another work in progress on my Facebook page.


I'm back after some health problems :)

While gently resuming my work pace, I made a website update to improve the visibility of the projects I'm currently working on. That's why I also opened a new section dedicated to Elode ~ Aeterna ^^


6 June news

There are new vector works in the Illustrations section.